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WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait ..

Posted by <a href='http://in-disguise.com/'>VPN</a> on 25-08-12 14:13.
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Hello Philip, great site, i luv the name. u look good with the stash and gotee. very good to hear from u again say hey to mj

Posted by jim cole on 03-11-10 21:51.
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I am nominating GoChimpGo as the "official" unofficial Mailchimp tutorial.

It really helped me start up with Mailchimp. Great step by step walk through. Before I new it I had eaten a bale of bananas and sent out my first full campaign. Til now I had been using a mix of Outlook, some autoresponder package.

Now I have a professional layout with autoreponders, automated RSS mailings and my monthly newsletter all running from ONE SYSTEM.

I still can't believe this is all free. Just to set this up, I had a quote from a $1000 bucks from a webshop.

All I can say is:


Posted by Ryan on 27-09-10 00:17.
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Thanks for this book and the camp! I recommend to read this!

Posted by Stanley on 11-09-10 18:55.
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Die beste Seite, seit dem es das Internet gibt!

Posted by Max on 06-09-10 01:38.
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Perfect book!

Posted by Melli on 30-07-10 16:16.
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Now I am an approved Chimp ;). Thanks for the test!

Posted by Sebastian on 30-07-10 15:35.
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Yeah great work. Thanks for the free template!

Posted by Susan on 30-07-10 15:34.
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I could not learn it a better way. Fantastic!

Posted by Jonathan on 30-07-10 15:34.
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I have a little company and didn't know how to handle all my mailings. Now I can do all on my own. I use your templates and I am really happy!

Posted by Jack on 30-07-10 15:33.
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Great templates. I can use them for all issues. I strongly recommend your stuff!

Jack Price, Blogger

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