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Did you ever thought, why the chimps are the best in email marketing? That's why we share our knowledge with the rest of the crew!

So come on, and visit the Chimp Camp to learn all email marketing secrets of the champions!

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Welcome to the Chimp Camp

Note: Please read my Go Chimp Go ebook first. Ohterwise you might not understand all topics explained at the Chimp Camp and then will not get out the full benefit of this camp.

What you want

You have read my free ebook and now you want to become an email maniac? You want to know all the secrets of the email marketing champions? Then you are at the right place! Welcome to the Chimp Camp.

What you get

The Chimp Camp offers a 6 week online training for guys like you, who wants to know the stuff, all great agencies and emarketers already know. But they would never tell them to you unless you pay. But we are chimps, we live in a big family and everybody shares his knowledge with the rest of the crew.

How you will learn

You will learn two topics every 4 days. After six weeks you will get access to the well known Chimp Camp Survivor Test and receive a certificate if you are successful.
You will learn the following topics, at your visit.

What you will learn

  • Building your list
  • The perfect campaign
  • Let's get social
  • Don'ts in email marketing
  • Get awesome click rates
  • RSS driven campaigns
  • Get awesome open rates
  • Campaigns on autopilot
  • Sharing reports
  • Avoid becoming spammy
  • Text is next
  • Your Survivor Test

How you will keep it

Do the Chimp Camp Survivor Test at the end of your training and get a feedback of your knowledge. If you are successful you will get a certificate!

What survivors say

What others say about chimp camp

What does it cost?

The Chimp Camp is totally free! No hidden costs. It's free! You should learn, not pay!

How to start?

Fill out the form below and start your free training today. You can cancel it at any time! Therefore, just click the unsubscribe link in your Chimp Camp email.

I respect your privacy. I will not sell your address to others! Your data is only accessible for Go Chimp Go.

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Thanks for this awesome book! A great way to explain email marketing!

Max Jester, CEO, Hochfein.net

Chimp Camp Survivor Test

Top 10
No. Points Name
1 380 Holger
2 310 anonymous
3 290 Shawn Stacey
4 290 Kelly
5 240 hb
6 70 Peter Zickermann
7 50 anonymous
8 20 anonymous
9 10 anonymous
10 0 anonymous
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