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    You want to have an awesome design for your emails? You want to send campaings with just few clicks? And you don't want to code all this stuff?

    Then take a look at my templates and start right from the beginning. It's such easy!


  • Start after seconds.

    You can import my templates in Mailchimip, edit your information and your are ready to send.

    If you are unsure how to do this, download my free ebook and see how easy it is.


  • Create Campaigns in minutes.

    That's why I created these templates. You want to spread a message with just a few clicks. You don't want to worry about design or coding.

    You want to choose the right template, add your information and just send it.

  • Completely customizable Templates.

    Templates are fully customizable in color, background, font and elements.


  • 3 packages for all your needs.

    My three template packages include templates covering your issues.

    See samples below how many topics are covered.


  • Try before you buy!

    I offer you one free demo template, which you can upload and test. Just sign up for my free template and I will send you a download link.

Professional Mailchimp E-Mail Templates

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For your convenience, I built 16 pre-designed Mailchimp Templates for every issue. Prices are as low as possible. Start with one package or get templates in bulk.

Starter package (4 templates)

Pro package (Starter package + 4 templates)

Premium package (Starter + Pro package + 8 templates)

Maximum compatibility

Go Chimp Go templates are coded with maximum possible compatibility across all the major email clients and applications such as:

Outlook (even 2007)

Apple Mail

Windows Live Mail

Yahoo! Mail




Lotus Notes

Mailchimp templates Benefits

Save time, money and start today!

  • Valid code - Tested in all major email clients
  • Fully editable - Change color, fonts, backgrounds etc. via Mailchimp editor
  • Imported in seconds - No coding needed
  • No designer needed - Pre designed templates
  • Save money in a bulk - Get a package with up to 16 templates for all issues
  • 30 days money back guarantee - Buy at no risks

Mailchimp templates packages

  • Background color
  • E-Mail color
  • Font color
  • Font type
  • Link color
  • Headline accent color
  • Headline background
  • Repeatable elements
  • Templates included
  • Pictures included
  • License

  • *Please note that there is no support at these small prices. Installation guide is included.
  • Starter Kit
  • white
  • white
  • black
  • Trebuchet Ms
  • editable
  • editable
  • black
  • included
  • 4
  • not included
  • standard
  • mailchimp starter
  • buy mailchimp templates
  • Pro Kit
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • included
  • 8
  • not included
  • standard
  • mailchimp pro
  • buy mailchimp templates
  • Premium
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • editable
  • included
  • 16
  • Link to resources
  • standard
  • mailchimp premium
  • buy mailchimp templates
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These Templates are really awesome. I just uploaded and it worked strait ahead!

John Miller, Webdesigner

Perfect just the thing I was searching for. In combination with your great ebook, it's fantastic!

Marc Barnani, Webdesigner

Easy to integrate. It's like you said. Upload, customize, use. Great!

Linda Brown, Webdesigner

Great templates. I can use them for all issues. I strongly recommend your stuff!

Jack Price, Blogger

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